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Apple may dispatch a rough Watch for outrageous games

The new Apple Watch Series 6 with scratches at 50 meters and water resistance is already popular with swimmers, tourists and other athletes. According to Apple, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Garman, Apple is planning a more robust version for sports and extreme weather. Known internally as the “Explorer Edition”, this rugged watch is available as an optional SE Watch or Special Edition from Nike and Hermes. This watch performs the same functions as a regular watch, but like the Casio G-SHOCK line.

It can be made shockproof by using a rubber case instead of the traditional steel, aluminum or titanium case. Given the immense popularity of Apple’s smartwatches, a rugged watch looks like a practical and smart addition. According to a recent IDC report, Apple owns 36% of the wearable market, generating $ 30 billion in wearables and home accessories. This is the second most successful segment after the iPhone. According to reports, Apple is also developing a swim detection feature. New solid models could arrive in early September, when Apple usually releases the latest watch models. However, as with any other Apple product, this can be delayed or canceled altogether.

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